Sunday, 9 September 2012

Hennessy Artistry @ KWC

Me and Aliana
Pretty babe, Jane Kwan 
My bitchessssss~~
 Evon na, Christine, Me and Sindy
Wen yang, Adrien and Marcus
The gang~~
Woohoo~~ Thanks to my dear friend Jane Kwan for the Hennessy Artisrty ticket, it was an awesome event, as usual free flow whole night, good DJs, if there is only one cons it would be the place (KWC, Kenanaga Wholesales City, 15th floor) is a bit hot, been sweating the whole night, i actually wanted to wear a shorts paired with a blazer, i am very glad that i didnt do that, or else i will feel like in a sauna room for the whole night. Whatever it is, in conclusion the party rocks, Hennessy never let me down~

Thursday, 6 September 2012

Printed dress


What do you think about printed dress? Oh well, i defeinitely love it, complicated just like me *wink*. When i first saw this dress, i told myself, i must have it, it can be wear in many ways, you either wear as a dress to look sexy or you can add in a belt or legging to make it simple yet nice. After all, fashion is all about creativity.

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Sunday, 2 September 2012

Sequin dress

Sequin dress from Curves boutique

Wedges from Nine West

Well, if you did follow my blog or read my blog before, you would have notice this is the dress that i wore for Black Tie Party @ The Pool two days ago. Why do i post it again? Actually i took all these photos on that day afternoon before i went for the Black Tie Party, lots of people kept asking me where i bought this, therefore i decided to share the online boutique's link here.

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Friday, 31 August 2012

Black Tie Party @ The Pool

Together with DJ Kev Kenji
With Felixia and Rose
With Kea and Daphne
Together with Jewel Union, DJ Mystery
Jewel Union's members, DJ Chanel , DJ Mystery, DJ Vera C, DJ Freeze
Woohoo, it's merdeka day, how did you celebrate your merdeka eve? Mine was fun, I have been invited to spin together with Jewel Union for Black Tied Party at The Pool. Jewel Union is the FIRST home grown FEMALE DJ GROUP under LEVOT ENTERTAINMENT who will change the game of the party scene.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

Raining blue

 Zara Top , mulberry bag
 Jaspal pant

After a long holiday, finally i am back. It was raining while i tried to take the photos therefore i called it raining blue, maybe because it was how i felt during that moment, sad and blue~ It wasn's a very good week for me, too many things bugging me, but never mind i believe time can cure everything, positive thinking will brings good things, do you agree that?

I am very honoured to have a chance to involve in this movie <<The Transcend>>, it's a local ghost movie which cost 1.5mil to produced, my first involvement in movie, i am so sorry that i can't review my role here as everything has to keep as confidential however i will share some of the photos of the launch of the movie last 2 week in Puchong, Geographer, the movie will be start showing on next year march, pls stay tune~

Sunday, 29 July 2012

Crazy shopping month

My love of all most , Celine luggage tote.

Look at the colour of this clutch , it's so adorable, isn't it?

Yippie, a new Chanel purse and necklace.

Chanel purse
Chanel necklace

This is what i got for this month , a Yves Saint Laurent clutch (i always wanted to get myself a Yves Saint Laurent clutch and finally i got one now) , Celine luggage tote bag, a Chanel purse and Chanel necklace, boy oh boy, what a happy month *smiley face*. How i wish every month could be like this (i know i am being a bit greedy), well i believe this is all girls dream, isnt it? Though i am very happy for getting what i want but i am broke now, i guess i will just have to work even harder to achieve my next wishlist haha....