Sunday, 8 April 2012

First Post

Personally i enjoy having a conversation more than writing, when a person speak, it is less likely that they could pick up the mistake that he/she made, but once you put it down in writing, the whole world could see the mistake that you are making. Hence, this is the reason why i dislike to write much as i have to continuously check through for grammar and spelling mistake along the way. Nevertheless, we must conquer our fear, so here i am doing what needs to be done working on a blog to keep my fear in check. Before i embark on this journey , i have ask many friends on their thought on this, some say they enjoyed reading funny article and those which are sarcastic in nature and others said they prefer to check out hottie's blog (came from my guy friends!). Given the differences in opinion, i have decided that my blog should be more of a photo blog as i don't want my blog to be too wordy and did i mention that i dont really like to write?

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