Sunday, 29 July 2012

Crazy shopping month

My love of all most , Celine luggage tote.

Look at the colour of this clutch , it's so adorable, isn't it?

Yippie, a new Chanel purse and necklace.

Chanel purse
Chanel necklace

This is what i got for this month , a Yves Saint Laurent clutch (i always wanted to get myself a Yves Saint Laurent clutch and finally i got one now) , Celine luggage tote bag, a Chanel purse and Chanel necklace, boy oh boy, what a happy month *smiley face*. How i wish every month could be like this (i know i am being a bit greedy), well i believe this is all girls dream, isnt it? Though i am very happy for getting what i want but i am broke now, i guess i will just have to work even harder to achieve my next wishlist haha....

Sunday, 22 July 2012

My journey in Miss World Malaysia 2012

 Taken at the backstage after i won 1st runner up for Miss World Malaysia 2012

Interviewed by Astro JiaYu

My dad, my mum and my aunty

Thanks to my parents, i love you mum and dad.

Interviewed with the Top 3 winners.

Yvonne , Anu and Me.

 Angelyne, Joshua (our catwalk teacher and choreographer) and Me.

All the Winners~~

 2011/12 Miss World Malaysia winner Miss Chloe Chen , Me, Yvonne and Jocelyn.

Visited SSMH center, Society of Severely Mentally Handicapped.

Visited NCSM , National Cancer Society of Malaysia.

Visited SID, Society of Interpreters for the Deaf.

Oh ya, after 3 months of consideration, i decided to join Miss World Malaysia 2012 , after a month of training and grooming i have transformed, like a little caterpillar transform into a butterfly, i become more confident. I learn a lot through this pageant, too much to share haha,i dont know where to start from, we visited a few charity society such as NCSM , National Cancer Society of Malaysia, SSMH, Society of Severely Mentally Handicapped and SID, Society of Interpreters for the Deaf, visiting all this charity society let me realized there is a lot of people out there who needs our help, we should appreciate what we have and used what we have to give back to the society and help those who are in need. Now, come to the final night, this year Miss World Malaysia held in Zouk, less formal and more casual. I never thought i can actually win, but i did it, i won, well not winning as the winner but i won the 1st runner-up and 3 subsidiary titles, Miss Ambient TV, Miss Body Beautiful and Miss Charity Queen, i was so surprised and happy, throughout this whole pageant journey i met a lot of nice people, such as the Winner of Miss World Malaysia 2012 Lee Yvonne, Miss beautiful hair Angelyne Toh , my best mate, Anu, she is a very nice and friendly girl, Steffyvanessa Schubert the 3rd runner up and a lot more. I had to admit that i was worried before i join as i always heard about pageant politics and etc however i felt very lucky, in pageant all the contestant get along well, no politics among all of us. I enjoyed this journey very much and i want to thanks all the people who support me all the time, like my parents, my aunties and friends, i won't have won without their support.