Sunday, 9 September 2012

Hennessy Artistry @ KWC

Me and Aliana
Pretty babe, Jane Kwan 
My bitchessssss~~
 Evon na, Christine, Me and Sindy
Wen yang, Adrien and Marcus
The gang~~
Woohoo~~ Thanks to my dear friend Jane Kwan for the Hennessy Artisrty ticket, it was an awesome event, as usual free flow whole night, good DJs, if there is only one cons it would be the place (KWC, Kenanaga Wholesales City, 15th floor) is a bit hot, been sweating the whole night, i actually wanted to wear a shorts paired with a blazer, i am very glad that i didnt do that, or else i will feel like in a sauna room for the whole night. Whatever it is, in conclusion the party rocks, Hennessy never let me down~

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